4 January, 2017



Theme: Challenges of Excellence in JDCs: from research to practice

Date: July 5-6-7  2017

Venue: Auditorium of the Faculty of Sport of the University of Porto

Languages: Portuguese and Spanish


Welcome to the VI International Congress of Sports Games (VI CIJD), which maintains the tradition established in 2007, when affirming its scientific dimension.

After the last two congresses in Brazil (Florianópolis, 2013, Belo Horizonte, 2015), the CIJD returns to the School of Sports, where it was designed and started.

We continue to count on the friends and institutions of Portugal, Brazil and Spain, who with their participation have ensured the scientific quality of this Congress.

The depth and scope of the CIJD VI will provide all participants with the opportunity to hear and interact with national and international scientists and lecturers in their fields of expertise along with a wide variety of free (oral and poster) communications.

We believe we have a Quality Program with a balanced selection of speakers, guest speakers and free communications.

The success of the Congress will depend on the active participation of all participants, the exchange of ideas and the establishment of new contacts and friends.

Special thanks to all the invited speakers who have made themselves available to participate in the VI CIJD. Likewise, a thank you to all the participants who with their presence made possible the continuation of this Congress.

In the name of the Organization of the VI CIJD, I wish a productive and pleasant time in Porto the realization of it.

The 6CIJD Coordinator
Fernando Tavares

The city of Porto

The Faculty of Sport of the University of Porto